Verusca Walker is a Brazilian born artist living in Australia since 1999.  She is an award winner and internationally acclaimed cake superstar, with a strong background in Fine Arts and Bakery Studies with over 10 years carrier in the industry.  Her work as been featured in worldwide magazines, TV, radio… She has over 100.000 followers on social media and a very successful channel on Youtube

She was the winner of LifeStyle Food Cake Challenge 2014, and the Artist and lead architect of the 2015 Life size Wedding Cake Chapel featured at the Melbourne Cake Bake Sweet Show - Where a couple won a competition to be married inside of a Chapel made entirely of cake!  Just recently she won the 2018 Award for Best Novelty and Children's Cake artist and Best Cake Sculptor Artist of Australia.

She also have published a book call "Structured Cakes".  She is the Satin Ice Artist of excellence, Magical Colours Champion. She travels around the world teaching and inspiring the art of cake decorating.

 “ There is no limit for your imagination … Everything is possible.”  Verusca Walker


"Cake decorating literally saved my life," explains Cake Diva, Porsha Kimble when sharing her cake journey. The Cake Diva has been able to create a superior cake making home business by implementing the tactics she learned from her prior background in sales. Now, she travels the U.S. sharing her story and teaching other home bakers how to price, decorate and master the business aspect of running a home-based business. She also speaks on how to increase business and achieve much needed work/life balance as an entrepreneur.  

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